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The Centre of Your Web Strategy

We’re Infobahn: a small but perfectly-formed web design studio that specialises in helping clients understand the web and engage with their audiences more effectively.

Building a new website is a team effort. You understand your audience and business objectives better than anyone, and with over ten years’ experience solving problems and designing websites, we know how to craft a digital communications strategy that gets the most from the web.

Find out how we do it

Infobahn is…


Sam Roberts

Sam built his first website on the family’s Mac Performa 5300 way back in 1997, and he hasn’t stopped since. He has spent the last eight years designing and building websites for businesses large and small, and has worked with clients in the retail, legal, financial and yacht management sectors, among others.

Sam lives on the Isle of Man with his wife and daughter, and their border terrier, Budford, where he probably spends too much time in front of the computer.

When he’s not at work, he’s usually babysitting, walking the dog, or trying to squeeze in a gaming session while his wife isn’t looking.

James Burnett

James’s first experience with computers came at the age of three, when he made himself one out of paper so that he could program alongside his father.

His creative approach to problem solving and fascination with understanding rulesets took him into academia, where he studied maths and physics and emerged ten years later as a doctor of mathematics and a teaching fellow at University College London. Looking for a change, his programming (on a real keyboard these days) and research skills proved a natural fit for the web industry.

In his free time, James makes music, takes photographs, and obsesses about the intricacies of political theory.